Trista Edwards



              In botany, X denotes the genus is a hybrid, a node between of two different genera.


The stories have crossed.


I have collected them like curios


in tiny vials called poems.  


I have capped off their fragrances


with melted wax, rose dust & ink.


Here, in this one marked


You x everything


exists an entire grafted cosmos.


In it are diamonds & silken webs


& honeysuckle nights.


Our biographies imbedded, bred to lose


natural defenses. We yielded


crossbred varieties of the same scent—


when worn we call it an albatross.




Petite Madeleine





dank barn dirt


rusty tools


Dutch tobacco




cherry vodka


bee’s wax


thorned Ophelia


wet fur




rain worm











Rosa × damascene



I’ve traveled far to become,


become your salvation.


Water strewn across temple floor.


The beast of myself is full of defeat


& every story hauled across


the desert is just the essence


of another story. I have failed.


I am not a true species. I am


just the girl in the moon longing


to be a star. To shine & fall.


I don’t want to be your divinity—


Your nightingale. Your pink goddess.


I have bled & thirsted to become


a pretty little painting. The cross


of every color ever imbibed.


Look—these petals, aren’t they


as sweet as you once believed?











Trista Edwards is an associate editor at Luna Luna Magazine. She is also the curator and editor of the anthology, Till The Tide: An Anthology of Mermaid Poetry (Sundress Publications, 2015). You can read her poems at 32 Poems, Quail Bell Magazine, Moonchild Magazine, The Adroit Journal, The Boiler, Queen Mob's Tea House, Bad Pony, Occulum, and more. She creates magickal candles at her company, Marvel + Moon.

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