We want the mystical and raw, the chaos, the tiny flames flickering in your belly-- tell us what sets your heart on fire. Send us passion and the otherworldly, show us why you howl at the moon. We want the burning.



Poetry: Submit 2 to 5 poems in ONE document (Please do not submit each poem individually) All styles and formats welcome. Experiment and shock us. Make us say YES. Send as .doc or .docx. No PDF files.

Fiction: Submit up to 2 pieces, no more than 3,000 words each. We are looking for work that is vivid, dreamy, and weird as hell: tell us a story we've never heard before. Send as .doc or .docx. No PDF files.

Flash: Submit up to 5 pieces, no more than 500 words. Again, the weirder the better. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us shake our heads in disbelief. Send as .doc or .docx. No PDF files.

CNF and Other Prose: Submit up to 2 pieces, no more than 3,000 words each. We are looking for raw and real: don't hold back. This is a safe space. Send as .doc or .docx. No PDF files.

Art: Send up to 5 pieces. ALL mediums are welcomed and encouraged. Please send as .jpg file if possible.

Video: This is a free for all. Keep videos under 10 minutes. Send as a link or a private file. Music, art, short-film. We want it all.


Submit to Burnings

Currently Accepting Submissions for the Summer Solstice 2019 Burning

This is an offering. A seasonal collection of divine creations, a ritual burning. Burnings are published 4x a year: on the Spring & Fall Equinoxes, and Summer & Winter Solstices.

Send all submissions to TinyFlamesPress@gmail.com

Include the following:

  • Subject line: TYPE OF SUBMISSION_Name (i.e. POETRY_EvanPeters)

  • In the body of the email please include a quick hello and a short 3 person biography (3-5 sentences MAXIMUM) that includes your Twitter handle & any website information


Response time will vary from 1 day to 2 months. Simultaneous submissions are both welcomed and encouraged. We only ask that you notify us if the work is picked up elsewhere. We do accept previously published work, just let us know where it first appeared so we can give credit! One submission per category, per person. Upon acceptance, you will be asked to provide a photograph. This is optional. Creator retains all rights to work upon publication, we only ask that if work is republished elsewhere, you give Tiny Flames Press a shout-out. We like shout-outs. A lot.


*Please submit to each category only ONCE during an open submission period.


Submit to Firestarters

Firestarters is a space featuring the creators out in the world, those tapping into their divine potential and living life as magic manifest. We are looking for stories about you and also book reviews, interviews, round-table discussions, spells, recipes, Love. Did you write a killer blog post and want more exposure? Send it our way and we will republish and help you get the word out! If you have an idea for an article, would like to be featured, etc-- send an email to TinyFlamesPress@gmail.com with the subject line FIRESTARTER_Type of Submission (i.e. FIRESTARTER_TarotColumnInquiry, FIRESTARTER_InterviewEvanPeters)


Submissions to Firestarters are ALWAYS open!




Do you ever crave maternal affection and guidance on issues you don’t actually want to discuss with your mom? Do you wish your mom was cool, Queer, and possibly younger than you? “Go Ask Your Mother” is an online advice column with @Mother_Faulkner, the computer mother you need! From coddling to tough love, Mother Faulkner is ready to mom the heck out of you.


Email goaskyourmother.advice@gmail.com to submit your questions!





Tiny Flames Press is a safe space. Violence, hate-speech, pornographic content and the like will not be supported. We welcome diverse voices, the celebration of sacred sexuality, and the rejection of current societal standards. Be free freaks with us. Jump into the void. Explore.












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