Sarah Doll


the call back home


im not going to sit around

and say

identities dont matter


they do,

they truly do.


yours is valid.

so valid

that a divine power

made you this way.


divinity created individuality

for vibrancy

for unions of love

for common ground


but it has been appropriated

by oppression.






in utopia

like divinity envisioned

we wouldnt live this way


we wouldnt live this way


but arent you




of pandering for


from someone

who wants you dead

just for existing


just for existing?


live your life

fight your fight

but come together

with me

for a likeminded union


come together with me


of power

of love

of understanding

of pure ecstasy




freedom of the labels

placed upon you

by institutions.


we dont need to

live like this


feel that?


we dont need

to live like this.


stop letting them

label you

stop labeling yourself


stop letting them

oppress you

stop oppressing yourself


stop letting them

determine your worth

determine your own worth


we are mirrors


feel that?


we are mirrors.


do not strive for

societal perfection


its not going to happen


adam betrayed lilith

and that was the end

of societal perfection

on gaia


rewrite gaia with me

de-program your mind with me

love with me

create with me

feel with me

be with me

be with me

be with me

Heart with Wings

Sarah Doll is 21 years old, residing in the most magical place in the Midwest, Minneapolis, MN. She is a college dropout, working as part time barista and a full time mystic-raver-girl-wanna-be-princess. You can find her online via Twitter @synchr0nicities