Silentium, Love Parasite: Poetry by Rus Khomutoff


Underneath the arches of these generalities

the past, present and future

of the eternal menagerie


like a bouquet of fire through the lyric

guilty pleasures that enter while you exit

cyan deserve claim

bestow kiss merge rot

speculate dragonfly

linked deletions and much more

Love parasite

The explicit nevermind

a burgeoning finality

lullabies and laments in zeroland quiver

behind the beautiful forevers

iconic dodges of the midnight salvage

chronic meanings outbraving time

Cheetah Chrome

much madness in divinest sense

Rus Khomutoff is an experimental neo surrealist poet in Brooklyn,NY. His poetry has been featured in Bold Monkey, ProProse,Egophobia, Poethead,Rasputin and Hypnopomp. He just published his debut collection, Immaculate Days (Alien Buddha Press). Find him on Twitter @rusdaboss

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