March’s Cosmic Forecast with Emma Vasseur

March’s Cosmic Forecast:

Potentially turbulent cosmic weather ahead, dear ones.

March is going to be a very exciting month with some potential turbulence thrown in the mix. Any rough patch in life is always an opportunity for us to take a closer look to see where we are not living in alignment with our truth so we can make the changes that will set us free, as we will be discussing further with this month’s astrological forecast.

Some of the major highlights I’ll be discussing here include:

March 5: Mercury’s retrograde in Pisces

March 6: Uranus’s move into Taurus

March 6: New Moon in Pisces

March 20: Sun’s move into Aries + Full Moon in Libra + Spring Equinox + Ostara

Mercury begins its retrograde through Pisces on March 5. Mercury retrogrades are typically a time to slow down before making any big decisions as our mental processes and the technology we use may experience some hiccups during this time. Both the Sun and Neptune are continuing their transits through Pisces as well so Pisces energy is all around us this month. Pisces energy is deep and watery. It’s our wild imagination and our expanded consciousness. It’s full of emotion, compassion, and empathy. Sometimes all this energy in Pisces can make us feel lost at sea. My invitation to you is to keep swimming, float as needed, and try your best not to  fight it. Allow your mind to wade through the waters, within your vast imagination and your emotions, as a means to find the wisdom that resides there.

On March 6, Uranus is making its move into Taurus for a six year stay. Uranus, known as the Lord of Earthquakes & Lightning Bolts, is about individuation, freedom, and the radical shifts it takes for us to live in alignment with what is true for us as individuals. Whatever Uranus comes into contact with, and whatever terrain it moves through, is up for some serious excavating, with or without our permission. As Uranus shifts into a new sign, we can expect some turbulence in the area of our lives influenced by that particular sign. Taurus’s terrain is the human body, the five senses - which includes our sensuality and desire for creature comforts, and the basic human needs and resources for survival (touch, food, water, shelter, clothing, money, etc.). It is time for old structures related to these Taurean realms to be broken down on individual and collective levels so we can create something more humane, inclusive, and conscious for all of us.

When was the last time you checked in with your body? What did you notice? How is your body feeling right now, in this moment? What are your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual needs? Are you honoring them?

If you’re aware of what your individual needs are, and are honoring them, Uranus’s transit may go unnoticed for you. If this is something you struggle with, Uranus’s transit is going to bring about some big changes whether we’re ready or not. By looking at your birth chart, you can see which area(s) of your life are most impacted by Taurus energy and where Uranus will be coming into contact over the course of the next six years. Not entirely sure how to find Taurus in your chart? Book a reading with me and I will show you how to read your chart! It is such a powerful tool for deep self-discovery and on-going guidance.

Other March happenings for the curious minds:

  • Venus moving through all of Aquarius and into Pisces by end of month

  • Mars sweeping through much of Taurus

  • Jupiter remains in Sag

  • Saturn + Pluto remain in Capricorn

  • Neptune remains in Pisces

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Here’s where you can find me:

IG: @_.emma.vasseur._


Lots of cosmic love to you!


Emma Vasseur is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Intuitive Energy & Body Work Practitioner, Nationally Board Certified Integrative Health & Wellbeing Coach, and lifelong student on a quest for deep meaning, expansion, and freedom! Her greatest desire is for all people to feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin so that they are willing, able, and excited to share their innate gifts with their communities. She shares her work as a means to honor that desire and is here for you if you’re ever feeling lost, stuck, uncertain, curious, and/or in need of guidance on your path. You can connect with her online via Instagram @_.emma.vasseur._ and/or at her website


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