Let There Be Light: an update

Hello, Azia here.

I want to begin be expressing my deep gratitude. The support and enthusiasm I have received over the last few months since launching this space has been incredible. The fact that so many of you are sending in work and trusting me to showcase your tiny flames in this space means more than you will ever know. Thank you. Truly, thank you.

It is important to me that the work that is published and shared here is intentional and free-flowing. I am not great when it comes to forcing deadlines, etc. And, when I was envisioning Tiny Flames Press, it was a 2 year process where I let it really come to life on it's own before launching. This is a space for literature and poetry, yes, but I see it as so much more than just another online lit mag-- this is a sacred space for the firestarters, a journal for the Divine Creators. I saw art, photography, music, spiritual conversations, ritual. There are hundreds of online literary journals sticking to the basics, but I do not see Tiny Flames Press following that same publishing model. I'm a weirdo and I want weird all over this website.

It is also very much a passion project. This space is here for Love, not for monetary gain, etc. It's a heart-space and, for me, personally, was built as a reprieve, a tiny flame on the internet to stay warm and celebrate the creative spirit alive and well on an ever-changing planet.

If you follow my personal account on Twitter, you'll see I use that phrase a lot, tiny flames, because for me, it encompasses a universal fire that all creators have stirring in their belly. I wanted to give that stirring, those tiny fires, a home. I feel that in order to honor my vision, a few changes must be made moving forward:

  • Burnings will now be published four times a year, on the Equinoxes and Solstices. Which means our next burning will go Live! on December 21, 2018. All work in queue and any new submissions will be considered for that next burning.

  • HIM is being scrapped. Not, totally scrapped, but it will not take form as I had originally set forth to do. All whom have already received acceptances will be hearing from me this week with the options to either have their piece appear in the Winter Solstice Burning, the Firestarters Blog or to withdraw the work and place it elsewhere. As for the unanswered submissions, these too, will be given the same options. Why? Well, I wanted to pay tribute to the full spectrum of healthy masculinity, the Divine Masculine, if you will. But, I've felt myself being not only pulled away from that language on a personal level, I felt that I wasn't able to truly showcase such diversity. There are a thousand ways to embody this archetype, and I did not want to create a space that catered solely to the white, cis-male narrative. I hope you all understand.

I hope you will stick around as this space goes through it's growing pains. I have a vision and I have the passion behind that vision to see it through. But, like good fruit, it takes time to ripen. Let me make this space a bit sweeter for you.

I want intention and deep feeling behind everything that's posted here. I hope to deliver that to you.


© 2018 by Azia Archer

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