I Will Be a Witness of Him

by Sofia Barbosa

I am here to witness you. I am here to witness the energy that I am. I am here to witness Him. He is glorious to witness. Oh to hell with feminism. The is no Him in that word and no Me. It’s the old energy again, and we are done with anything old. Please go. In this new world there is Me and Him in the same word. I dare speak the heresy. It must be spoken because so much of me has suffocated under useless labels, and by god aren’t they just so fucking useless. Men are great, even when they are terrible. Just like we are amazing because of our madness, all of it. I said men are great. I will continue to say they are great. Beautiful. Powerful. When you see the right one move, nothing is more erotic. The right one is the one that sets the world on fire and doesn’t apologize. The right one will bring healing by igniting a spark and will be hated for it. The right one will make you believe in God, because you will know there is  a power inside you that responds to his. The right one will demand nothing from you, you will just voluntarily bear witness to his life. Men should know of the ways they are truly loved and we have hidden this desire from them. Because of the sins of an energy that has usurped them we let the other energy fester within us and usurp us. OK, we played those roles. Overplayed them. Where has our fire gone? Safety became our burial ground. To appease the monsters we closed our black hole hearts and in this act we’ve created more monsters because our power is in the softness of the opening, in the tidal waves it summons. No, I will not die of thirst when there is an ocean within me. I will be a witness of Him. The man I love is a creator of worlds, he is a master, he is a rebel. He is a magician. He is a lover. He is a poet. He is the meticulous worker that will not give up before the task is complete. He is obsessive about his dreams. He is silent and he is loud. So loud that his presence alone disrupts the past. He is everything I am, turned inside out. He took my guts and wore them like they were silk. He isn’t a God, but he is also godly. He is human. And it’s his flesh that is maddening. I need it. If there is one craving left this world. it’s my desire to wear Him. I am here to witness his humanity, to see Him become a shape, a body and use this body in whatever way he desires. I am here to witness his freedom. We are discovering humanity after all. So far most of what I’ve seen here are robots invested in bringing more artificial life into the making, like a compulsion. And I had to wonder about that compulsion, that drive to build the thing that would collapse them and leave their robotic ways useless. You have to love the sense of humor of all of what is playing out right now, because there it is: we are creating the thing that will render the maker of the thing obsolete. Oh, we are not needed artificially and we are in the midst of this madness because we are realizing it. Birthing and killing at the same time, a savagery. He wants to be human. And so many take that for granted, but he hasn’t been human, he has been a robot. A machine. Like them. He is tired of being the machine, so he is building machines. And he will serve so perfectly, and after this service, he will go home. He will witness the heart. He just wants to be human, I am here to witness it. But I digress. This is not the main act. I am here to witness you, your magnificence. And that means there has to be space to love. What kind of love is this they talk about where the lover isn’t allowed to go?That they deny Him to wander into the depths and collapse, if he so chooses to? What kind of maddening safety is this one that they have sold us? Aren’t you tired? Everything is sanitary and clean but it’s the dirt in Him I want to lick off his chest and his mouth. I am disgusting yes. For Him always. I am vile. He wants me raw and vile, He is tired of clean and safe. He is so bored, he wants more. He wants to be wild, he wants her to be wild. I will give Him what he desires, always. I am here to witness you. YOU. All of it. The villainous, the grotesque. I am not here for the politeness of their fears. The stagnancy they have called society. I want the new world you are building. Why do you think you are building it? Why do you think everything is on fire inside you? I have seen the place where you were born, I was there. I have heard you calling, I have known of your stories. You have traveled to meet us here, to open doors. I am here to witness you, the Muse. I am here to be the Creator, but they will call you the builder and forget about me. It’s ok, this is my choice. because they are not ready for those that create in dark places. They can’t see how connecting threads. They can’t see our silence, they can’t honor our power. We are still hidden. But we have chosen to come now, even when before we can be seen. Because we are here to be witnesses of Love. And I am here to witness the birth of my Self. Still, I am no feminist. I am not spiritual. I am not a villain or a hero. I am not an entrepreneur. I am not even a woman, but I am also woman. I am Him too. And He is me. I am here to witness the end of labels. Maybe to hold of of the many knives that will end this era. I am here to serve, to be of service. I am here because I had to see Him in this new light. I am here to see Him serve us, finally. Because you serve so well, so diligently. Because you give everything you have, every ounce of your madness and defiance. Contrary to the rest of them there is no doubt inside you. Contrary to them you don’t worry about meaningless words. You took their noise and you made silence. You are everything I wanted to give birth to. So I am here to witness you.

Sofia Barbosa is an intuitive energy worker, channel and perpetual Grandmother.

Since an early age she has been in contact with Spirit, remembering the knowing of Love as the energy that moves the Universe. In her readings and sessions she acts as a guide to help you journey into your depths and pull out the hidden gems that you need to become acquainted with, always bringing you back to yourself, with compassion and discernment. To work with her and see more of her writings go to www.sofiabarbosa.love


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