Marie Fields

p o e t r y 


The technical term is savaging

When wolves prey on their own young

For the good of the pack

For the survival of the pack

Is that why you savaged me?

I guess it’s not your fault though

People can’t help following footprints in the snow.

Reminds Me

Desert sky

Across the sea

Reminds me

Of what I left behind

Soaked in wine

Drunk on bloodshed

Reminds me

Of what I keep disguised

Oceans wide

Crashing red

Reminds me

Of all the things I dread

Press rewind in my mind

Can’t forget all the things I left behind

Oceans wide

Deadly red

Reminds me.

Marie Fields lives in the greater Boston area. She has been writing off and on for most of her life but has just recently found the courage to publish her work. She currently has an e-book available on Amazon titled Marie! (mah-RIE!) and has words forthcoming in Door Is A Jar Magazine. Twitter: @MarieFieldsPoet

© 2018 by Azia Archer

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