Lisa Poff

p o e t r y

Wallow In You

You might be flattered

or maybe it wouldn't matter

how often my hand slides down

and I come to your name.


I feel cocked and ready

like a rubberband

stretched on a finger

ready to fling at you.


I want you so bad

I feel I need you

I am on my knees for you

I want to go down and please you.

Won't you let me relieve you?

You want me to, believe me.


My mouth will surround you

my tongue will lick around you.

I want to swallow you

wallow in you.

I want you inside me

above me, behind me.

Then I want a ride please.

Won't you come with me? 


(I'm still unsure if you'd come


I only wish you'd behave


and just take me.)


I don't know what halts me:

fear, integrity

or a need to be

your one and only.

Maybe all three...

But my inner thighs are trembling

with imagining you between them.


You may be afraid

that I will back away.

I assure you

my footing is sure,

and I will stay in place.

But just in case

I get frightened

hold me tightly,

and I'll try my best

in sweet awkwardness. 




My Only Choice

My self-muzzled mouth now

gave me away.

As my band director used to say

"You have diarrhea of the mouth and

constipation of the brain."

I could not stop,

went on and on—

Montezuma had his revenge,

and then some.

Still I mustered my best,

"We're just friends."

She paused and said,

"Except that you’re

in love with him."


All parts of his body

I ache to touch,

even his knees and such

insipid bits

to someone different

who doesn't think

about unspoken things.

He was

the subject (of the conversation)

the object (of my affection)

but to love

I did object.

Like Peter,

I denied

again and again and again,

not just to her,

but to me,

until there was nothing

left to see—

just the admission

that my only choice

was to love him.


Lisa Poff is a grad student and single mom of two children, one with a rare medically complex condition.  She wears a lot of hats—literally and figuratively.  Lisa’s poetry has been published in the I Am Strength anthology, Alexandria Quarterly, Stories That Need to Be Told, Crosswinds Poetry Journal, and is forthcoming in Round Table Literary Journal and the Indian River Review. @lisapoffpoetry