Lady Katie Sue

Art & Poetry


Arguing Zenith


arguing bereaved catatonic-ally

(yet remaining) divinely endeavored,

fortitude geared heavenly,

(despite) intrinsically jarred karma.

lamenting malignancy,

nestled openly


(becoming) quintessentially reborn subtly.

transmuted (by) unorthodox (means)

(of) vicariously woven xylem,





From Amalgam to Zygote


(by an) amalgam (of) blood (&) contractions,

displeasure (is) evicted (in a) furor

(from a) Grail (so) Holy,

(able to) incubate jewels (of) kaleidoscopic lifeforms.

(a) magenta nebula oozes (out),

prepping (for another) quasar,

(in) reverence (to a) sacred terrestrial union.

(the) void waltzes (with) X chromosomes

(until it) yields (a) zygote.


An Amity of Zest


amity bonds (us) creatures

(in) divinity (for) eternity,

(setting) free (our inner) gods

(to) heal (our) instability.

(as) jesters, (we) kiss,

(our) Love (so) meaningful,

narrating (an) omen (of) playfulness.

(clear as) quartz

(with a) rainbow shimmer,

(our) trust (becomes an) unconditional verse,

(of) wishes (made)

(upon an etheric) xenagogy,

(that we may share)

(this) youthful zest.



Zen of Amnesty


amnesty begets (the) calmness (that comes)

(when we) disentangle (from the) ethos.

(our) faux pas, (however) grotesque,

(are) healed (within the) intercourse

(of) jubilation (&) kindness,

(a) Love mindful (of) narcosis,

(never) obsessive (about the) past.

quell (your) revulsion,

(restore what is) sacred:

(the) True-Heart (of) Union.

(this) virtue whispers,

xerophytic (in nature),

yielding (to the flow)

(of) zen.



Zesty Aura

(with an) aura (of) beautiful compassion,

(this) dance (of) euphoria frees (us),

gracing (us with the) holiest intuition

(into our) jovial kinship.

(the) light (of our hearts)

merges naturally (without effort),

(free of) obligation.

(it is a true) phoenix (in flight).

(although often) quiet,

(it) remembers (the feeling) shared,

(replacing) time (for eternity).

(being) unconditional, (it gives) voice

(to) wisdom;

(an) x-ray (to what is hidden).

(it says) yes (to the) zest.

Heart with Wings
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Lady Katie Sue is an aspiring cartoonist who is often subjected to bouts of poetic muse, falling for the delicate intricacies words are capable of weaving, leaving nets to soften her landing as she falls more in love every day. She is driven by a lovingly stubborn character that binds her to the realm of arts, never allowing her to leave what she loves. You can find her on Twitter @LadyKatieSue & Facebook @ladykatiesuestudio to view more of her work.