Jimy Dawn

p o e t r y

you are the dragon

l don’t want anything but your fallen words against the back of my throat and I’ll tell you I’m not on target and you’ll tell me it’s no bother even though you are the dragon and I am the water. This doesn’t happen enough but it proves that I’m always wrong especially on those long uneventful drives in the country. It’s fine if you’re not ok with my nothing as long as you send me flowers so I can take them to my sweet mother who promises me the north side because she has so much to give. And I want it.






what if those on x row had their feet


held, their hands kissed,


what if we bathed them in hope and carried


them to forgiveness, what if we put them


at the front of the room


and listened to their words and


heard their whispers, what if


we took them home to our beds and


at dawn they groomed our pets


and they lived their lives under our roofs


while we went to work, what if they did


their time and knew who they


were, what if we kissed


them slowly and said goodbye


and pushed them away


and said you’re free -


you’re forgiven for now

jimy dawn has created films and writes and performs vocals in a minimalist, alt music project (West Coast). jimy says he doesn't understand the world but he works to be in it. Art is communication and we need to communicate because silence is death. He writes about magic, love, death and the wild. He wants people to know that disappearing is not an option. jimy is on Twitter @jimydawn