Hasan Zia

p o e t r y

Out of the Womb, Into the Grave


Yield of a ritual-


of filth and lust,


A spirit humanoid-


is destined to dust


From the darkness of womb,


to the solitude of grave


This spirit volatile,


remains the flesh's slave


Beyond immorality,


its sins reign


To attain immortality,


it becomes insane


And angel of death,


when cometh its way-


The pain of suffering,


takes its breath away


And death frees it all,


from the shackles of time


and takes the spirit,


beyond the edge of time

Hasan Zia is an ambient doom grim romantic poet from Canada and author of the book "Season of Gloom" that is a compilation of gray poems drenched with melancholy. The book is available on Amazon.

© 2018 by Azia Archer

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