Effy Winter


For Kenan

I am choked


I am choked,  

                         swollen, red and wet.


My petals sprawl within your split                  






It is as it was in the beginning


It is as it was in the beginning –

             my throat swallows your sick bleed.


I moan the hymn of conception; my menstrual heat –

             its mirroring pearls stinging cunt flesh


                                       and writhe in a softening sepulcher

                                       with fluttering     lashes, a raging fountain of blood


                                       baring wings of rose glass,


                                                    dreaming of deep flush,

                                                    a soft heart velvet-red;


                                                    the binding of seraph lovers

                                                    beheld by God’s jewel eye.


I choke from our fate


I choke from our fate,         its firm grasp around my throat.


Within you, a breaking –

             a vicious shard of obsidian to spawn my fatal womb wound.


                           Glittering rose pools spill,

                           a sacrificial suffering.


Light me by the wrist with your rage.

              I swear I will not cry – only shimmer


                            as I melt into a bloodflush beneath your fingertips.


I am comatose – pale as bone


I am

           comatose – pale as bone,

                        cosseted within pearl glass,

                        a luminescent sleep,


still bleeding over the faint glow


              of our love’s awakening,

              a tender violation and bruised-satin kiss;


              a holy light, raging

              within the moaning of a swollen mouth.

After stillbirth


After stillbirth,


I am all soft tongue and sore eyes,

thin; smeared with bloodmilk.

Heart with Wings

Effy Winter is a contemporary romantic poet, provocative by nature. Her work explores eroticism and heartache while portraying the spawning of a carnal hunger for witchery, lust and self-sacrifice. Effy's first novel, Flowers of the Flesh, is set to be released in December 2018. Her poetry is forthcoming in Rust + Moth and other literary journals. You can learn more about Effy and her work at https://www.effywinter.com. Twitter: @fleurwomb or via Tumblr: https://fleurwomb.tumblr.com