Courtney Leigh

p o e t r y

throwing bones

this poem is not about you

soul with tongued eye you see

it’s a hole lying helpless & open   

a road-roar no love song

take my hand step in


remember the fire

lit up blue a sphere in your mushroom trailer

i wasn’t there you said i was a spirit lit up red

halo atop your headless hair

such a sheeped wolf


i rearranged your bones

i bled between your teeth

you howled excruciatingly

endless miles of gust & gruff

restless wander lust


what wicked rabbit got a taste


this poem is not about you

it’s the tongue burrowed deep

lashing at me its eye remembering

the urn at the table between

the death we stowed forgetful space

topsy-turvy dreamscape bedding


you no the crow not me


Courtney Leigh is the author of the chapbook, "the unrequited <3<3 of red riding hood & her lycan lover (Dancing Girl Press, 2016)." She is The Bowhunter of White Stag Publishing & a Kitchen Witch for Crimson Sage Apothecary.